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C - Closed, For Alcoholics Only - Only those whom identify as Alcoholics.

O - Open "Public Welcomed" - Welcome for all to attend.

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Post to our calendar the date, place, time and other information about your conference, roundup, convention, campout or other AA function. The book includes chapters on making amends to parents, children, family members, exes, financial institutions, friends and coworkers.

This website should be easy to use and have all the AA meeting listings for Western Massachusetts.

The website is backwards compatible with all media devices and configure to accommodate people with visual impairments.

The official website for Western Mass AA Intergroup area 31 is Western Mass If you are in the local Western Mass area their contact information would be, can call the Providence Hospital in Holyoke, MA tel. There is also the Carlson Recovery detox, 471 Chestnut ST, Springfield, MA tel. Outpatient alcoholic services are available at Mercy Hospital, their website is

Below are the AA codes at the end of each AA meeting listing, if you are new to AA getting to a meeting is the most important thing.


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