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Along with Bolton and over a dozen of his celebrity pals, this hour of comedy is as sweet as eating a box of candy hearts, only it will give you a stomachache from laughing too much. Just pull yourself together, as you’ll have business in the bedroom to attend to.Shamed Martin Clough has been jailed for 28 months after pleading guilty to six counts of voyeurism at Bolton Crown Court."She already had body image issues and those have become worse, she now has to take anti-depressants and when she goes to the toilet she is very suspicious and looking for cameras." The offences took place between December, 2013 and November, 2014.

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"They will also be crucial in gathering evidence on the circumstances of why a penalty charge notice has been issued.

Often it can boil down to one person's word against another and we will now have the video evidence to help clear up any doubts.'' Tim Cowen, from NSL, added: ''Assaults on our staff are a minor but persistent problem and as far as we are concerned one assault is one too many.

He said: "It is not known how many victims there are because the majority of them could not be identified because there were no facial images.

A camera was found under a desk and it was pointing at an angle which would have been between the legs of female customers who were wearing skirts."Mr Berlyne explained the impact that the offences had had on his victims.


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