Craig horner and bridget regan dating

“I guess there was some picture of me smiling in the water on your home page. — , and I didn’t really know what I was getting into. I liked that she was really tough and a total badass, but that she was really feminine and cared, was really passionate about what she did and what she was fighting for. It’s heightened, and not “oh, let’s just play it casual, whatever…” sort of acting. I can’t think of many others like yours on TV right now. A., some movies here and there, and a Broadway show. [] So I needed a character to play that was like that. She’s really, really tough, and I love it because it’s empowering to play.It’s heightened and high stakes and life and death. But I never found a part that embraced that side of me. I get to let off steam beating up grown men every other day.Craig and I auditioned with scenes pulled verbatim, dialogue from the books.I was a bit scared going into it — “Oh gosh, what am I in for, what am I doing? It was scary and exciting, and I thought I should do this, take the plunge. It’s so different than New York — I mean, I live in a house with a yard, where I lived in an apartment the size of my closet. There are Americans there, and there’s diversity in New Zealand, but it’s certainly not like New York, where it’s such a melting pot. Last time we saw Richard and Kahlan, they defeated Darken Rahl. It’s kind of funny, I think we were all expecting a cliffhanger at the end of Season 1, and it felt like we won.

Craig attended St Peters Lutheran College in Indooroopilly, Brisbane, Australia, After his graduation, he went to Sydney to pursue his career in acting.

On his character from Reign: Le Destin d'une reine (2013): He's the best character in the show, obviously!

There is a wonderful freedom that comes with, one - particularly on a CW show where you know it's going to be on with some kids - there's the responsibility of integrity and honesty and love and truth and all those things, which the heroes have to play.

It’s actually turned out to be really, really cool, and I’m proud that I did it, because it wasn’t an easy decision to pack up my life and move. It was one room, and it was above a pizza place on 14th and 7th in Manhattan. We did it, and now we’re patting each other on the back. I went to the emergency room last year when I accidentally punched a shield during a fight.

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