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The reason is a good one: It’s hard to find that soft spot in your heart when you feel you have to defend your basic beliefs about who you are and how you see the world. Read more The genesis of this article came from my watching the recent Casey Anthony three-episode special on television (HLN), in which Ms. Read more It’s fair to say that a person doesn’t need to be an all-out fitness nut or organic eater to have a good romantic relationship. The fact is, shopping hungry is a great way to spend... Read more Loneliness gets to some more than others.

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Play with the knobs and add some friends to the box and see what you can do!I'm a filmmaker in San Francisco and built this tool in my spare time, in part to open a discussion.Why doesn't Facebook make it easy to find things we put on the site?is a global singles community that provides you with advanced features you won't find on most internet dating websites.Click on "chat with me" on any profile, see their live video, hear their voice, of people in your area, to anywhere in the world!Note: Facebook is fickle, not everything will work for everyone.


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