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Boot camp also allows you to assign which os is used with the computer boots. Boot Camp5.0.5033I ran the setup program and everything was installed and worked. Win 8 was installed using a Windows 8 iso and the Microsoft Windows 7 USB DVD Tool to create a bootable USB stick.

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Suppose you have connected a device with your computer, Windows 7 / Vista will now automatically search for the driver and install it.

In Device Manager, find the device you want to block updates for.

Right-click the device and choose “Properties” from the context menu.

But if you’ve got the Pro or Enterprise version of Windows, you can tailor your actions a little better by using Group Policy Editor to prevent the installation or updating of specific devices.

And of course, we have a caveat for you right off the bat: setting a policy to disable updates for a device prevents both automatic and manual updates of drivers for that device.


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