Error updating public folder

If public folders fail to replicate properly, users might be left with an inconsistent view of public folder data.Furthermore, if the server that hosts a public folder database goes down, data may become unavailable until the problem is fixed.Issue: The Office 2016 update process has been updated to check your current Outlook configuration and determine if you may be affected by some known issues.

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This also made large public folders slow to use as the contents needs to sync down every time you switched to the folder.You won’t be able to receive mail from a current mailbox. You may want to contact your mailbox provider or system administrator about this issue.If you choose Install anyway and upgrade to Outlook 2016 for Windows, then when you try to connect to a primary, shared, or delegate mailbox or folder, you get the following error message: The resource that you are trying to use is located on an unsupported version of Microsoft Exchange. Then, when you open Outlook, you get another error message telling you Outlook can't open your data files.Public Folders do not allow you to send from their e-mail address by default.Therefore, you must make sure that setting is requested before you can send from the alternative e-mail address. If you select an e-mail address for which you do not have "Send As" permissions, then you will still be able to select it, compose the message, and apparently send from.Or, when you try to open a Public Folder, you get the following message: Cannot expand the folder. Network problems are preventing connection to Microsoft Exchange.


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