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The Combo Box control has the following default sizing characteristics: Wide enough to accommodate the longest entry in the drop-down list in the display area of the main control, plus the drop-down button.When the drop-down list is not visible, the default height is based on the label text size.Adobe Flash Player is a cross-platform browser plug-in.

For a list of techniques for other technologies, see the Table of Contents.It is a better practice to work directly on the collection objects than on the Collections let you sort and filter data in the data view so that the data in the collection is a reordered subset of the underlying data.Data view operations have no effect on the underlying data object content, only on the subset of data that the collection view represents, and therefore on what is displayed by any control that uses the collection. You can specify multiple fields to use in sorting the data, require that the resulting entries be unique, and specify a custom comparison function to use for ordering the sorted output.The default drop-down list height is five rows, or the number of entries in the drop-down list, whichever is smaller.The default height of each entry in the drop-down list is 22 pixels.A flag that indicates whether this object can receive focus via the TAB key This is similar to the tab Enabled property used by the Flash Player.


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