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Libi was killed in a 2008 US missile strike in the tribal zone of northwest Pakistan and last year, the Gaddafi Foundation announced that Islamists being held in Libyan prisons that had previously had links with Al-Qaeda had renounced those ties.” Belhadj, one of three significant LIFG figures released in March, along with “military chief” Khaled Sharif and “ideological official” Sami Saadi (as AFP described them) also said that the rest of the prisoners released on Tuesday had been detained “because they sympathized with Islamist militant movements, but were not LIFG members.” The release of ex-Guantánamo prisoner Abu Sufian Hamouda They included a former Guantánamo prisoner transferred to Libyan custody nearly three years ago, in October 2007, named by AFP as Abu Sofian Ben Guemou, and by Reuters as Sofiane Ibrahim Gammu.Reuters noted that media reports had “quoted an official in the Gaddafi Foundation as saying Gammu was a former driver for al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden,” but as he left the prison on Tuesday, he stated, “I am not bin Laden’s driver.But to see [al Megrahi] today, received like that," he said while shaking his head.Some men outside the prison made obscene gestures as al-Megrahi's prison van drove by toward Glasgow Airport.Others waved Libyan and Scottish flags while Libyan songs blared.Scotland's justice secretary said freeing the bomber was an expression of the Scottish people's humanity but U. family members of Lockerbie victims expressed outrage."I think it's appalling, disgusting and so sickening I can hardly find words to describe it," said Susan Cohen, of Cape May Court House, New Jersey, whose 20-year-old daughter, Theodora, died in the attack. This is part of give-Gadhafi-what-he-wants-so-we-can-have-the-oil."Bert Ammerman, whose brother Tommy was killed in the bombing and who now is the president of the Victims of Pan Am 103, told CBS News that "today was the second worst day.""The first was when Tommy died.

She was pregnant with his youngest brother the day the dreaded news came.

The Lafayette businessman supports President Donald Trump's executive order to ban immigration from seven countries — including Libya, the one he immigrated from in 1975."I really, truly believe I have a very unique perspective on this whole immigration issue," El Darragi says.

"I kind of have mixed emotions about it."El Darragi managed to escape his hometown of Benghazi, Libya, just before things got bad.

Under the influence of Saif al-Islam, one of Gaddafi’s sons and the head of the Gaddafi Foundation, a charity that includes a human rights committee, the Libyan regime has, in recent years, sought to reconcile itself with former political opponents, leading to the release of hundreds of prisoners since 2007.

As Reuters explained, “Saif al-Islam has campaigned for reconciliation with Islamists who promise to lay down their arms.


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