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Another offers coloring pages and games on a shared screen so distant relatives can draw with kids while talking. USTYMEustyme, best for ages 2-8, Free, i Pad Rating: 4 stars (out of 4)Developed by a pair of grandparents who were frustrated with not being able to keep their grandchildren's attention over Skype, this platform lets family members share books and games while being on a real-time video call.

First, Minecraft is a free, world-based, graphically lower grade game where players can simply construct their own world.

In creative mode, users are allowed unhindered creativity and construction, while survival mode resembles a more typical video game style in which players must watch their character’s health and survive attacks from enemies within the game.

Second , Minecraft assumes the person using their game isn’t your eight or 10 year old.

Note that once a user is in a server with other players, children can be chatting with other children, or other adult strangers.

Because the game is assumed to have players 13 or older, the necessary online privacy safeguards aren’t required to be in place.


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