Matthew gray gubler and dating

” It turns out that Taylor cooked Matthew dinner and she had researched his favorite foods!

The source confirms the romance: “It obviously worked, they’re still dating! We can’t believe Taylor would reach out to some guy she didn’t know like this, are you surprised too?

Once a question was resided to Taylor about the rumors and she gave a vague response.

But now there are reports that claim that Taylor is the new Matthew Gray Gubler girlfriend.

The report claims that Taylor thought Matthew was cute so she messaged him on Facebook!

“She messaged him out of the blue in June to tell him she thinks he’s cute,” the source says. Then Taylor invited him to her house in LA for dinner, and he realized it actually was her!

Thus, Matthew Gray Gubler girlfriend has stated in one interview that she thinks only that love which makes you wrote songs and sing about it is the only one important in life.

In addition Matthew should get ready to hear all kind of songs dedicated to him from Matthew Gray Gubler girlfriend.


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