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Denny also writes articles in the IN PORT newspaper, which is also now on-line: this time, I BELIEVE you still have to subscribe to the on-line version of In Port to read it. In due time, a field was laid out at the Northwest corner of the athletic field at the high school.

Where the combined parental income exceeds ,000 per year, the court has discretion to depart from the child support percentages as to those portions of income in excess of ,000.00. Let's suppose, a mother, with an income of ,000 after social security and New York City taxes , is the custodial parent of two children.

That was how a number of us spent that entire summer evenings and weekends, hauling hundreds if not thousands of truckloads of gravel.

As kind of a note aside, at the time the village had acquired a deuce and a half army truck as war surplus.

The Father’s income is ,000 after social security and New York City taxes The couple’s combined annual income is ,000.

Since there are two children, the applicable guideline percentage is 25% or ,000 per year.


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