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Upon arriving in Amman, I was taken by the beauty of this safe haven, with the monochromatic sandstone colors of the desert seamlessly blending with the buildings.The first night our group attended a dinner hosted by Her Majesty Queen Noor, which included many accomplished Jordanians in a variety of professions.As of late, Jordan has been in the news because of the growing numbers of Syrian refugees flooding the borders to take safety in the refugee camps.Jordan has a history of benevolence towards refugees by providing a safe haven in the middle of a hot bed of violence and intolerance.When we travel, we have the opportunity to increase our awareness of the world at large.Many of my experiences have hit a chord within me that broadened my worldview and reminded me of the inherent connection we all share regardless of our culture, nationality, religion and gender.First, she instructs, make an "O" shape with your mouth, then drop it down so you're stretching the top half of your face. With your "O" mouth down and your tongue extended, look up to the sky and hold your breath.(Childers exhales and inhales as if she is sucking in the last bit of oxygen on Earth.) If you follow her lead, Childers promises, this exercise will "lift and smooth out the skin"—an all-natural face-lift.

That's when my mom confessed: She does face exercises, in secret, in the bathroom. Does that mean these crazy contortions might actually slow down the aging process?

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Standing in a lovely flowing white kaftan on the patio, Her Majesty Queen Noor appeared as if she had a light surrounding her, embodying grace and beauty.

Interestingly, her late husband, His Majesty King Hussein, gave her the name Noor al Hussein, which means Light of Hussein.


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