Quicken hangs updating financial institution information

You will receive a message confirming that you're already running the latest version.You can download and export up to 18 months' worth of Vanguard transaction history into Quicken.The vast majority of users are not experiencing hangs associated with OSU. I should add that the Mobile/Cloud services were released "not ready for prime time" so to the extent you are using those, they most definitely could be the cause of the "hang".To the extent you would like to help troubleshoot and identify the configuration settings causing the hang, I'm ready to help. For that reason, I don't use them and won't until I see an indication they work more reliably and don't cause more trouble than they are worth.You can still update Quicken by following the manual update process, however.First, ​check the version and the release number of the Quicken software you're using.One Step Update usually hangs - about 3/4 times - and only using task manager to kill it allows me to try again. Both need access to reach outside your firewall/router. particular attention to IE settings. Keep in mind Quicken uses IE even if it is not your default browser. It hangs when downloading financial info from banks.

Select the financial institution you want to update and click Refresh.

I figure the data on the online institutions must be stored somewhere that uninstalling and running these programs don't delete.

Support has spent lots of time and been unable to resolve. Greg Additional info, tried the following from one answer, but it just gets me to the point where it hangs:1. Select the financial institution you want to update from the Financial Institution drop down menu.3.

I have been a long time Quicken user and upgraded to 2016 Premier last week.

I'm running the R7 version of this software on a Windows 7 Professional SP1 Virtual Box 4.3.14 guest machine with bridged networking and behind a NAT router.


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