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Yes, if you're wondering, I've always been an impatient f*ck. The fact that I loved this guy sort of mitigated the stress I felt over waiting for him to do the deal but I still begged the question, WTF?As I analyzed our relationship, weeks after it ended, questions emerged.Mostly due to its awesomeness—weather, training facilities, nightclubs, people walking around largely naked, etc.It seemed that if one wanted to gather up the tricks, rules, and insights to live like Rob Gronkowski, the person with perhaps the most public, unburdened, absurd sense of fun in America, the best place to do it would be Miami.

How many ways can one look enticing on one's knees for extended periods of time, craning one's neck upward in a gesture of offering?

You do just enough to not get fired to “earn” that paycheck and live. It's a virtual guarantee that you cannot be lazy if A) You don't know how you will feed yourself next month and B) You refuse the cowardly approach of taking money from the Government which (if you have eyes) you can clearly see makes you amongst the laziest on Earth.

There is no reason to go the extra mile and start building a business on your own. 2) Television and/or Streaming Movies – We already know television rots your brain, fills your head full of silly fantasies with no base in reality, and molds your way of thinking into that of a mindless cow.

The radiator is letting out steam] I've gathered you together here because you are the best minds our country has to offer.

Elin catches up to the SUV as Tiger opens the door and staggers out, a bit dazed.


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