Social club dating

The Only Social Club has changed the way singles look for love.

Grouper, which launched in 2011 and is already running in 25 US cities, is launching in London next month. Users sign up via Facebook, invite two "wingmen" and answer some questions including two truths and a lie about themselves.

What should someone expect when going on a Grouper date? Luckily, I found a local dude who was willing to tell me about his Grouper dating experience.

He's a twenty-something young professional living and working in Boston. I was single and I had never done online dating before, it seemed like such a hassle to have to pick a site, make a profile, come up with a bunch of parameters to filter on, etc.

On a date it’s usually more of a question and response pattern, with stiff structured dialog.

Whereas, the conversation on a Grouper felt a lot more natural.


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