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Another option is to restrict your child's access to these apps -- both the i Phone and Android devices have parental settings that you can use to block certain types of activity.For parents who want to track their kids, there are activity monitors like Net Nanny and Snoop Stick.

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According to a recent study by Piper Jaffray, "the popularity of Facebook is waning among teens with 23% citing it as the most important, down from 33% six months ago and 42% a year ago." As more parents embrace Facebook, they're driving teens and tweens away as they look for other, more secretive venues that won't be subjected to the same level of parental scrutiny.A WHRB Orgy typically consists of an entire composer, musician, or group's musical catalog played back-to-back, although it can also consist of a similar marathon broadcast centered around a specific genre or subject.The WHRB Orgies are said to date back to 1943, when a student staffer broadcast all of Beethoven's symphonies back-to-back in order to celebrate finishing a difficult exam.If you think you're hip to your children's online social habits because you know all about Facebook and Twitter, you've got it all wrong.Tweens and teens are increasingly leaving these sites in favor of new apps that offer richer features and a safe haven from watchful parents.For parents, this creates a tricky situation: How can you keep track of your kids' online activity when you don't even know what sites they're using and it's hard to keep up with all the startup apps that roll out?


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