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Women lie more than men by nearly 10 percentage points! Perhaps they assume their personalities will magically make up for the fact they do not look anything like the picture that was posted online. Although fewer men lie than women, their top lie is about having a job that is better than the one they've actually got.Probably because over 20 percent of women post old pictures of themselves when they were younger and often thinner. A man could easily swindle a woman into a date, or even a relationship, before the woman discovers he's not a prince but a pauper.They plan to accomplish this by educating high school students about dating abuse prevention and ways to get out of an abusive relationship.

He didn’t lie, he didn’t cheat, he just told her the truth. I’m not siding with the Bad Man here, afterall this wretched story serves as a brutal reminder that I should probably alter my attitude towards cats.More than 40 percent of men try this tactic, confessing they wanted to make their job sound more prestigious.But wait, one third of women do this too, saying they wanted to make their job sound more glamorous. Americans lie more than Britons, by 9 percentage points.The evening goes swimmingly – kissin’, cuddlin’, my imagination has added a gondola to the tale – and the morning after she gets a Dear John email. I’m going to push aside my cynicism about cyber-fame being yearned for at any dubious cost. Instead, I’m going to focus on the bits of the story that have continued to prod at me over the last couple of days.The bloke divulges that while he thinks she’s amazing and perfect and that the sun shines brightly out of her rear, that her rear alas, is too large. Attraction is one of those quirky things whereby lashings of political correctness and the diligent social engineering by feminists to broaden beauty standards has scant impact. Would Michelle have preferred gritted-teeth sex instead of hurt feelings?The results uncovered a shameful excess of dishonesty from people purportedly looking to find their one true match.


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