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Alba made an off-color joke about lawyers, and she glowed: Her skin glowed, her hair glowed, her lips glowed.Where once her carnal features—lips, breasts, posterior—seemed preternaturally swollen, as if in a dead-heat race to burst from her skinny, teenage frame, now Alba and her twenty-three-year-old body have settled into delicacy and grace and balance while still drawing chat-room catcalls like “Damn! ““Plus,“ Alba continued, determinedly resurrecting the subject of the phone call, “I was not alone. “I’ve had an appreciation of it since I was 12,“ she tells me over a glass of Collioure Domaine du Mas Blanc.

abugida (from the first four Ethiopic letters, which gave rise to the modern linguistic term abugida).

Rosario Dawson was there, and we were dressed up like S&M big-time: leather chaps, red lips, and chains. “My parents were young and liberal and knew I was going to drink anyway, so they let me do it at home.“ She took her teenage drinking years more seriously than most, developing a palate beyond Boone’s Farm and Bartles & Jaymes.

She can sense the Pyrenees in a minerally bottle of Spanish Garnacha Blanca or divine the difference between an Austrian and an Australian Riesling. For example, she describes the sommelier at a popular celebrity-owned restaurant as “a fucking moron who has no palate for wine at all and will sell you anything fucking expensive.“ While such profanity may seem crass or mean-spirited, from her the expletives are somehow winning.

Nothing alike, no where near the same success, no where near the same longevity, no where near the same influence on other i like that one..the album has a lot of stuff that IMO just doesn't compete with the rest of their records.

or maybe i just need to listen to it again closely.


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