Unknown error while updating ipod

Many other users are seeing the “Update Requested” message, which is likely Apple’s way to ensure that the traffic on its servers remains steady rather than comes in all at once.If you’re seeing this message, the update should likely begin in sometime.

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i Tunes error 9 may appear if there is an accident disconnection between the device and computer during the data transfer process.

Below are 5 common factors that would cause i Phone error 9.

i Tunes Error 9 is less common in contrast to Error 4014 or i Tunes Error 3194 with which the users are more acquainted with.

i Tunes error 9 is a possible security software issue that usually comes up when you are trying to upgrade/restore your firmware on i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod.

This could be firewall blocking access to specific websites/web resources (like i Tunes trying to download something from Apple's servers).


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