Witcher 2 launcher not auto updating

Like every update for The Witcher 2, it was released as a free download.

Last night CD Projekt released the first big Witcher 2 patch into the wild, after a short delay to fix a few teething problems.My question is whether I can set the resolution somehow within There's no edit I'm aware of that you can do for the resolution.I also have the exact same problem with the launcher, and running it as admin or compatibility mode doesn't help (try it, it may work for you)."Our concept is to create a really great RPG game, and if it's not great for everyone and it's not as great as we'd like it to be, if it has some glitches or there are some elements that could be better, then we feel responsible for remaking them."Marek went on to say that "it wouldn't be fair" to charge players for these remade areas."It's just improving the game," he suggested, "it's not delivering something that's new."But it is adding something new, I suggested, mentioning the new difficulty mode and combat arena added in the 2.0 patch, and the four hours of new quests added in the Enhanced Edition.I ended up reinstalling it and the launcher worked again (for a while).


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