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Belgrade Airport | BIRN Read the documents behind the investigation here: 1) Documents related to the legality of the arms trade 2) Contracts and end-user certificates related to arms sales 3) Flights carrying ammunition between Saudi Arabia and Turkey 4) Weapons flights between Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East 5) US arms shipments from Balkan Back Sea ports to Turkey and Jordan 6) US Department of Defense buy-up of Balkan weapons and ammunition Meanwhile, over the past two years, as thousands of tonnes of weapons fly south, hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled north from the conflicts that have killed more than 400,000 people.But while Balkan and European countries have shut down the refugee route, the billion-euro pipeline sending arms by plane and ship to the Middle East remains open – and very lucrative.It was one of at least 68 flights that in just 13 months transported weapons and ammunition to Middle Eastern states and Turkey which, in turn, funnelled arms into brutal civil wars in Syria and Yemen, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN, and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, OCCRP, has found.The flights form just a small part of €1.2 billion in arms deals between the countries since 2012, when parts of the Arab Spring turned into an armed conflict.So from Kiev shouting that the international institutions put pressure on Russia and LDNR that they stopped to fire at Avdeevka, and from Moscow and Donetsk claim that it is Germany, France and the OSCE should put pressure on the junta to stop shelling Donetsk and other cities DND. Join now to enjoy exciting features offered by our site.

Letter https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/23225 Deputy assistant to the President Jake Sullivan, to Hillary Clinton.

The same applies to mine enemies on the streets of Raqqa.

The Kurds claim that it is the militants who flooded the city to put the blame on the Kurds and the Americans, to slow the progression of operations in the area of Raqqa, under the pretext of a humanitarian disaster.

There is a strong artillery fire of the Caliphate and the arrival under the Deir ez-Zor fresh forces of infantry and armored vehicles of the enemy, which must build on the success. If the SAA will not be able to push DAESH from their positions it will not retain control over the hospital, “Assad” and University of al-Furat, the question of the dismemberment of the enclave into two parts will be a matter of time, which dramatically impede organized defense.

Thus, in contrast to Palmyra, there is nowhere to retreat, which further motivates the Syrian part, which is well aware what “blacks” are doing with prisoners.


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