Xkcd bot dating

Idling in the Crunch Gear chatroom the other day, John says to me, that’s John Biggs, he says, “Why don’t you interview that guy from Toothpaste for Dinner? ” and John says “He seems like a nice guy.” Who am I to argue with John?Plus, the guy from Toothpaste for Dinner lives in Columbus, which is where I live, so I sent the guy an email.Let's just pretend that was intentional and also that it was funny.It took me a minute to realize the joke, but when I did I legitimately laughed out loud.

However, the parallel he's going for isn't executed correctly.

Ogni comando va sempre inviato inserendo prima il carattere “/”.

Digitando “/” ci verranno proposti i comandi disponibili per quel bot.

That said, I think the final punchline is still amusing, just not as amusing as it could have been. I understand why it's hard to draw quadcopters, but that doesn't change the fact that it's really hard to tell what they are from the visuals alone.

It's funny that it took me longer than usual to review this comic, huh?


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